So you want to know, who is Jason?

And how did he get to be a world-traveling entrepreneur and funlanthropist?


Jason K. Ridgel’s journey as a successful entrepreneur began in his birthplace of Queens, NY and Auburn, Alabama, where he was raised. At Tennessee State University, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in business information systems, while attending the university on an engineering scholarship. His penchant for leadership was solidified as the vice basileus of Omega Psi Phi.


Ridgel started his first business, a cleaning service, while living in Nashville, Tennessee. After the new business became successful, he set his sights on his unfulfilled dream of moving to California to attend one of the top schools in massage therapy. He moved, studied, and upon completing massage school, it was time for his next project. He saw an exploitable niche in the corporate business world and created his second venture, Touch MMC, a mobile massage company that specializes in corporate events.


While working as a massage therapist in Los Angeles, Ridgel was introduced to pain management products, which birthed his latest business: JUSCO Medical LLC, named after his children Justin and Colin. Founded in 2012 to serve the needs of active, athletic adults, JUSCO Medical provides pain management solutions and health products that promote longevity, vitality, fitness and freedom.


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JUSCO Medical has afforded Ridgel the luxury to travel the world as he looks for entrepreneurial opportunities in the US and abroad. Despite his busy schedule, he prioritizes time to allow him to engage his peers in his philanthropic ideas. JUSCO Medical has partnered with Upendo Women’s Foundation to educate women in Kenya on the practices of safe sex, and provide them with feminine care products.


As Jason travels the world (20+ countries and counting),

he wants you to come with him…

I've been to 20 countries!!