You guessed it. Fun-lanthropy is what you get when you mix some fun in with your philanthropy. Jason created Fun-lanthropy as a way to complement his company JUSCO Medical’s commitment to helping others while staying passionate about a given philanthropic objective and having fun during the process. For a visual example of Fun-lanthropy, simply watch the video of the Tennessee State University Homecoming extravaganza, where Jason and the I.P.P.P. team put on a casino and karaoke night.

Upendo Womens Foundation

Fun-lanthropy is spreading worldwide, and Jason wants to impact your local community. Do you have an idea for a fun-lanthropy initiative or event? We’ll come to you, and give back to your school, church, and neighbors in an epic way. Jason and his team of fun-lanthropists are taking submissions for prospective fun-lanthopy initiatives and events. Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!


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