02 Oct


Recently, one of my boys and his lovely wife came to town with their newborn son, My Godson. We celebrated accordingly, checked out Kanye. We ate good and we laughed hard. As the pair celebrated their wedding anniversary, I was reminded that cuffing season is approaching....

21 Sep


Hello, friends and followers of #thebestjasonintheworld! I am Atiya Robertson, better known as Cousin T, and I am taking over Jason’s blog today to express my gratitude and to proclaim the sheer joy he brought me last week by sending me on an all-expenses-paid trip...

05 Sep


On August 29, 2015 My Pops was killed in a cycling accident. He had for many years lived his life in the hum that so many people find themselves in. Just humming along and not really awake and living it to the fullest, until he...

30 Jul

Minority Art Collector: I’m Rare

Art allows me to have a mental conversation with myself. As of late I have found myself in search of Creatives that can compose music, paint, photograph, write songs or simply make jewelry that reflects thebestjasonintheworld at this point in my journey. I want some...

18 Jul

The Giver

As you are reading this I am recovering from a 17 hour flight to Nairobi, Kenya. I make this trip annually to support Upendo Women’s Foundation. Sometimes we take simple things for granted. As you know I am a real world traveler but when I...

11 Jun


When I was a kid, for fat kid reasons, I spent my summers on the couch. I watched Wimbledon every year and even as I shed the weight and got older I loved watching tennis matches and I dreamed of one day sitting in the crowd...