Hello, friends and followers of #thebestjasonintheworld! I am Atiya Robertson, better known as Cousin T, and I am taking over Jason’s blog today to express my gratitude and to proclaim the sheer joy he brought me last week by sending me on an all-expenses-paid trip to New York Fashion Week. Words can not express my ultimate excitement!

A little ab14232050_10209446282929356_6023516270908572327_oout me: I am an author and Bama Girl. I have written two fiction novels in the likeness of Dangerously In Love and one non-fiction book, The Guide To IT: Unlock Your Power, Release Your Potential! I am also working on an accessory line because I have been reading copies of Vogue since I was 10. And this week I saw her in real life—her would be THE Anna Wintour—donner her signature bob with bangs, oversized sunnies, petit frame and all! I thought to myself, “This is the life I should be living!” It planted another seed of greatness in me. I have said thank you more times than Jason can bear, but this meant more to me than my mind can conceive the words to express.

My travel partner: I was able to share it with my favorite girl alive Mama D, we literally laughed every day until we cried about something. Just being with her was more fun than I have had in a while and the laughter was good for my soul. We also saw a play that you can read about on my blog. So not only did I experience fashion like in my dreams I had fun. New York is a magical place if you can be still long enough to catch its rhythm. 

Warning, read only if you know what the color “oxblood” looks like:  While Wine is ruling winter, Tangerine appears to be finally becoming the new black in fashion. Of the shows I did make it to I saw patterns still holding their own as well as plenty of nods and throwbacks to the 70s.

In the Spring: It looks like pleats and prints will rule everyday wear and I love it! For all of you that have favorite colors or trends, remember this, everything that was once will be again in fashion so be yourself.

My tip: Buy up when your colors are in season and don’t be afraid to seek out a seamstress to give you a unique look. I have back issues of Vogue Magazine from the 90s and, when the mood hits me, I will flip through one just to compare it to what is hot currently. Be bold, Be Fearless Be Fashionable!

Many thanks: Thank you to all of the people that made it possible, Travis, Joe, The Palma (amazing Italian food), Chinatown, the Bleeker Street Vendors, New York Taxi Service, The Marriott Marquis Hotel, Mama D for joining me and most importantly thank you again to thebestjasonintheworld! I love you and I am exceedingly grateful that you believe in giving and that you have been blessed to be a blessing.

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled program.

—Cousin T

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