05 Sep TheBestPopsInTheWorld

On August 29, 2015 My Pops was killed in a cycling accident. He had for many years lived his life in the hum that so many people find themselves in. Just humming along and not really awake and living it to the fullest, until he lost 100 pounds and found cycling. He was a great man that lived an honorable life as an entrepreneur, business man, minister in the church, providing father, loving husband, great friend and he served the community in more ways than I have the space to name. People have counted on him since as far back as I can remember, he gave so much of himself that he had to learn how to just enjoy life. I’m so glad he did learn to enjoy life and I was able to be right there with him as he got to the business of living in his happy.

My family has suffered a great loss and I am watching them carefully to make sure they are healing and moving forward as they should. It soothes our pain to know Pops was happy doing what he loved at the time of his unfortunate and untimely death. In a way cycling gave him so much life, it woke him up before a careless driver took it away. Be mindful of the road we share with cyclist.

To honor him I have made it my business to be a better man and to balance it with being a happy man, serving God by living my purpose, creating a strong successful business, taking great care of and enjoying  my family, enjoying my friends, and providing support and opportunity for people in my community.

Tomorrow is the annual ride put together by Birmingham Cyclist that honors his life and this year they will finish his ride he never got to complete. In honor of Pops I suggest you go out and do something you love and that makes you happy. Tell me about it on social media.

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