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23 Aug TheBestFullTimeDadInThe World

When both of my sons were born I glowed with pride. I invited all of my family and friends to see what I had made from scratch for the first time. I smoked cigars, but I also studied them. I wanted to know how much I could tell about who they would become before they learned to say words, and change things. My life became about providing for them a life that would not only be better than the one I had but that would change the whole way parenting was done. What can I say, I am an innovator. Part of me was alive in the world and I wanted to see and be part of every thing they did and all of their accomplishments. As life would have it my first born’s mother moved home with her family and I left my youngest as life took me to California to build my business.

This week I transition from weekend and Summer vacation Dad to its time to get up for school and did you do your homework Dad. I am excited about having my oldest son at home with me everyday. Living with him I will get to know him again like I did in the first few years of his life. It feels like a homecoming to be here with both of my beautiful, smart, talented and witty sons. I know the kind of men they will become because I will define that first hand. There is nothing more important or fulfilling as being a present father for my boys. I can’t explain what i feel knowing he is in the next room.

As you should have gathered I am a fun and exciting guy. My life balance is work hard play hard so adding full-time dad to the mix is serious business. We are developing a system and organizing much like I do in business. In the end we will be successful. I will keep you updated on my journey to being thebesttulltimedadintheworld

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