Minority Art Collector: I’m Rare


30 Jul Minority Art Collector: I’m Rare

Art allows me to have a mental conversation with myself. As of late I have found myself in search of Creatives that can compose music, paint, photograph, write songs or simply make jewelry that reflects thebestjasonintheworld at this point in my journey. I want some next level type of artistry to commemorate my legacy. Wow that sounded so refined, anyway. This week I am sharing with you my journey with the beautiful and talented artist Julia Haw. You can learn more about her art on her website.

I commissioned her to paint a portrait of me and what she does is phenomenal. She doesn’t just have you sit for hours or take a cheesy snapshot. What she does is she looks at your life through social media talks to you and then captures something so special in you that when you see it your like, Wow that’s me? The question mark is because you recognize something that you don’t see everyday in how she captures your essence and your passion, for me she captured the love in my heart through my eyes. Really cool stuff. I was smart enough to take a camera crew to the unveiling. Man you could not have scripted my Mom’s reaction. She really loves me, really.

After the unveiling I decided why not take this rare opportunity inside of her studio to sit down with the artist and an art curator to inspire and enlighten other artist. If you haven’t figured it out by now being thebestjasonintheworld is all about sharing our success failures and experiences to encourage, inform, and inspire you. Well at least that’s the professional side of it. If you know me then it is also about how I love to party kick it and travel and I always ran with a crew so I just expanded my circle to you.

So the major takeaways from the talk I want to quote are listed below. Play a game with yourself and figure out who said which one. Let’s see if you are paying attention.

1. “Comfortability is Death!”

2. “Enjoy your journey!”

3. “Freedom Hurts.”

4. “Push the walls of your own creativity.”

5. “This experience has inspired me to grind more in my business.”

6. “Connect through the work.”

CALL OUT! If you have the talent let me talk to you about commissioning a work. I am in the process of building my own art collection. I hope this inspires you wherever you are in your life and if you hire Julia to create something for you or if this inspired you to create hit me up on social media and let me know.


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