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18 Jul The Giver

As you are reading this I am recovering from a 17 hour flight to Nairobi, Kenya. I make this trip annually to support Upendo Women’s Foundation. Sometimes we take simple things for granted. As you know I am a real world traveler but when I found out that this woman was raising money for something every son of a single mother knows to much about: sanitary products. I knew I had to do something and so last year I was able to deliver over 2000 sanity kits to the girls.

I am writing today to encourage you to give. When people look at my life they always ask how can he do all of that? Where is he now? What does he do? Its simple I am a giver that is the only answer. It is not a special sauce I have had the same failures and frustrations as you but I never stopped giving or working.

I was able to become thebestjasonintheworld because I gave and as far back as a can remember believed the promise from God that as we give it will be given to us, that the tithe does not belong to me. So if my life inspires you to do anything let it first be to give.

That said I am going to see how serious you are about being the best you in the world by joining my funlanthropy journey. It’s not to late to donate to my girls in Kenya. IPPP is on the ground giving back. Whatever you have to give will allow you to be the best you in your world.

I hope you join us in this effort to change the lives of these little girls. We wont stop and I think you will be happier if you start.

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